arcserve RHA - KB Articles - Error Messages

Document Title Create Date
RHA | Stopped on autostop
2017-10-24 18:33:23 UTC
Arcserve RHA engine installation fails and rolls back the installation changes
2016-01-07 14:03:08 UTC
RHA | Upgrading RHA Engine on Windows 2003 and 2003 R2 may fail due to error 1260
2018-01-11 12:33:05 UTC
RHA | Engine | RHA Causing file server Crash
2017-12-27 10:36:33 UTC
RHA 16.5 SP7 || “A digitally signed driver is required” error appears when installing RHA Engine on a Hyper-V Generation 2 Windows 2016 VM
2017-12-15 09:35:31 UTC
RHA | CR00008 Unable to create root directory Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.(1385)
2017-11-27 18:28:52 UTC
RHA | Unable to open file errors in a FSHA scenario with large MBR spanned volumes
2017-11-20 18:01:13 UTC
RHA | Windows application DCOM error generated: Unable to communicate with the computer using any of the protocols
2017-11-20 17:13:12 UTC
RHA | Control Service || Error: operation has timed out.
2017-11-20 17:10:37 UTC
RHA | Internet based email using TLS is not working for event notifications
2017-11-20 17:05:34 UTC
RHA | Superfluous Attribute error
2017-10-24 18:38:36 UTC
RHA | Application download did not succeed when trying to launch the Scenario Manager which uses SSL (SHA1 certs blocked by IE)
2017-03-07 18:40:49 UTC
RHA | RHA manager will not open if the Control Service is installed with SSL and the self signed certificate
2016-12-02 16:59:01 UTC
RHA | SQL Scenario || DBCC checks not working during manual AR unless xorw is unloaded
2016-11-17 16:59:46 UTC
RHA | ER00066 Wrong format of journal file
2016-11-17 16:55:45 UTC
RHA | Powershell launches with errors in red
2016-11-17 16:48:08 UTC
RHA | Unable to check HyperV state: Application specific integrity testing is failed
2016-11-17 16:46:11 UTC
RHA | File Server || HA Scenario - ER00296 Unable to redirect network traffic
2016-11-17 16:43:50 UTC
RHA Manager | Installation || The certificate is not valid
2016-11-08 19:57:33 UTC
ASBU | VMAGENT || AW0726 - The selected transport mode is not available - FC SAN backup failed
2016-09-29 15:38:20 UTC
ER00048 ​Unable to execute event Change Security for​ (file path) The system cannot find the file specified.(2)​​
2016-05-19 19:23:29 UTC
FSHA scenario stops with error CR01488 The disk is full
2016-05-19 19:19:37 UTC
Unable to create shadow copy, the system was unable to flush I/O writes. This can be a transient problem
2016-05-03 14:21:27 UTC
Arcserve RHA: Unable to start file system monitoring for cluster host
2016-05-03 14:19:37 UTC
Domino Agent | Backup | Error - Failed to initialize Notes API subsystem
2016-03-02 19:20:52 UTC
Replication Error - Unable to create shadow copy (error 5)
2016-02-22 14:08:50 UTC
Hyper-V Scenario : ERROR: The VM snapshot folder is overlapped with another running scenario 'Hostname', please solve the conflict, refresh the scenario and try again.
2016-02-11 19:27:37 UTC
Starting scenario causes red x to appear on a host
2016-01-18 15:13:04 UTC
Unable to start file system monitoring (invalid access to memory location)
2016-01-18 15:10:36 UTC
ER09307 Error Unable to turn on virtual machine (VMname_RHA_ar_2)
2016-01-08 18:44:52 UTC