arcserve UDP - Problem Based KB documents

Document Title Create Date
Failed to run backup job. Failed to get plans from the Arcserve UDP Recovery Point Server.
2015-12-31 14:04:03 UTC
UDP windows agent service stopping intermittently....
2015-12-31 10:30:59 UTC
UDP | Agent Based | Failed to create a snapshot for selected volumes​.
2015-12-31 10:29:29 UTC
Cannot save the plan. Cannot connect to Arcserve UDP Recovery Point Server on <Server Name>. The credentials provided are invalid.​​
2015-12-31 10:24:13 UTC
Arcserve UDP HBBU Agentless VM backup job failed with "Could not take snapshot of the Virtual Machine"
2015-12-16 11:32:32 UTC
Arcserve UDP RPS JumpStart fails with "Error message = [Hash server is Full.]"
2015-12-16 11:22:32 UTC
Arcserve UDP Agent based backup failing due to Volsnap space issues
2015-12-16 11:11:40 UTC
UDP Agentless backup of the VMWare Virtual Machines fails. Error "Unable to read from VMDK file. VMware reported the following error: NBD_ERR_DISKLIB.".
2015-12-14 10:34:10 UTC
UDP Agentless| Could not get application-related information from the virtual machine snapshot
2015-12-11 12:53:50 UTC
Troubleshooting - Virtual Standby job configured on Remote site fails or the Power ON of the Remote Virtual Standby VM fails.
2015-12-11 12:34:11 UTC
UDP Agentless | MS Hyper-V: Failed to perform backup of virtual disk Error 67
2015-12-11 12:26:49 UTC
UDP Agentless MS Hyper-V Backup fails - The Hyper-V backup utility is not responding
2015-12-10 16:04:00 UTC
UDP Virtual Standby | Power on reboots continuously
2015-12-10 16:02:00 UTC
How to generate a process dump when you determine that a process related to Arcserve UDP is in a hung state?
2015-12-10 15:58:36 UTC
SQL Transaction log truncation more frequently than backup job configuration allow
2015-12-10 15:25:45 UTC
How to analyse UDP Agent Installation Logs and troubleshoot UDP Installation problem?
2015-12-09 12:35:29 UTC
UDP: Datastore start option greyed out
2015-12-09 11:42:12 UTC
UDP Virtual Standby : Create Bootable snapshot fails in UDP Virtual Standby Job
2015-12-09 11:37:26 UTC
UDP Agentless: Unable to backup Application data using MS VSS Writers quiescing method
2015-12-09 11:31:42 UTC
ASBU-UDP Lite Integration: Lite Integration generates catalog even though it is disabled from the registry
2015-12-09 11:23:42 UTC
UDP | Arcserve UDP Agent service | UDP agent service starts and stops within few seconds.
2015-11-30 13:45:14 UTC
UDP | Linux | Error : Not enough free space available at the destination: //XX.XX.X.XXX/UDP_Linux
2015-11-30 13:02:05 UTC
Hyper-V Agentless: Problem - Memory usage more on the Hyper-V host during Agentless Backup
2015-11-26 19:01:52 UTC
Hyper-V guest VM's are put into a Saved State during Arcserve UDP Agentless Backups.
2015-11-25 13:50:47 UTC
UDP | Agentless | Insufficient permissions in the host operating system, nRet=3014
2015-11-25 11:53:08 UTC
ASBU/UDP Integration | Backup Fails- AE0830 (Failed to pause RPS merge job) if VM Name has @ Symbol
2015-11-23 13:16:29 UTC
Potential problem when backing up a VMware VM with Changed Block Tracking enabled running on ESXi 6.0 or ESXi 6.0.X
2015-11-20 09:17:47 UTC
Virtual Stand-By | Job fails with the following error " An unexpected error has occurred when attempting to convert sessions for VM."
2015-11-13 08:41:09 UTC
Arcserve UDP Agentless | Backup | Error "Unable to open VMDK file [VMxxxxxx.vmdk]. VMWare reported the following error: You do not have access rights to this file."
2015-11-13 08:35:54 UTC
Arcserve UDP | Backup fails as the data store loses connectivity to the backup destination folders. Out of Service(Bad State): The backup destination folder located on the remote share folder is not accessible.
2015-11-13 08:17:35 UTC