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why is there an arcserve database on my vcenter server?

We have discovered arcserve databases on our vCenter server. How did these get installed and what are they for?

Greg Ristow

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Hello Greg,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please let us know the following

On Vcenter Server > services.msc >do you see any of the below

  • Arcserve Backup Database Engine"
  • SQL Server (Arcserve_DB) 
  • SQL server (Arcserve_APP)


Please note 

  • Arcserve Backup Database Engine"
  • SQL Server (Arcserve_DB) 

Will get created by default if the server had the installation of Arcserve-Backup software.

May be the product is uninstalled but the the Express version of MS SQL is still there and the database will be created on it.

This is one reason 


Secondly if you see 

  • SQL server (Arcserve_APP)

This is the database instance we create if the server has UDP console is installed on it.



However if the Vcenter server is also host Full version of MS-SQL , chances are if the database it allowed to be created remotely on this server even then you can see the Arcserve database.


Hope the information provided above is helpful.

If not then you can choose to open a support ticket to know more details about it.


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Arcserve Backup Database Engine - Not there

SQL Server (Arcserve_APP) - Is there

SQL Server Agent (Arcserve_APP) - is there

SQL Server (Arcserve_DB) - Not there

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