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ArcServe UDP - single server environment

We are proposing a new server for a site with the following setup.

A single 2016 Standard server running 2 VMs. One of the VMs is the DC and file store and the other is an RDP server. I don't plan to use the host for anything other than the Hyper-V role though it will probably have the GUI installation.

Can I use a single ArcServe 6.5 UDP socket license to back up this configuration and if so, where do I put the ArcServe RPS installation, on the HyperVisor or one of the VMs ?


Simon Gray

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Hello Simon,

Greetings of the day!!

Using one Socket license you want to backup the HyperV and the VMs

Yes its can be done. But please make sure your hyperV has one socket only.

As the license count will depend on the number of sockets persent on the hyperVisor.

You can write to us if you need any further clarification.



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