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[SOLVED] How to restore from backup node with new installed UDP server?


I have a UDP 6.5 install on Win 2016 Server name 'Arcserve01' on vSphere to run a daily full backup of VM clients to a network shared drive like '\\backup-server\arcserve'. I also backup the UDP server itself to the network backup location.

The VM UDP server 'Arcserve01' was removed from the vSphere accidently. So I create a new VM server 'Arcserve02' and reinstall the UDP 6.5. We I login to new agent 'port:8014' with local admin and try to restore the backup of 'Arcserve01' from '\\backup-server\arcserve'. It can find the node of 'Arcserve01' but cannot find the recovery point to restore the backup.

So, how can I restore the backup on backup disk when the original UDP backup server cannot access?





After reinstall the UDP and reboot the server, it can view the restore point now.



Simon Leung

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