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Restore data from offline nodes

Hey Guys,

I'd like to restore files and folders of two nodes I have previously backed up.

One node is still listed under Resources and the 2nd one isn't(was previously deleted).

  1. How can I restore files from the listed node although the machine is currently offline?
  2. how can I restore from the not listed node?

The backed up folders exist for both nodes.




Nir Fishler

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Hi Nir,

You can still restore the file and folders of the node which is deleted.

Open the agent UI of any node from All Nodes.


>Click on restore.

>Browse Recovery Points.

>Click on Change and give your RPS server details. 

>Select the Data store

>Now you should be able to see all the nodes backed up to the data store.

>Select the node from the data store and browse the recovery point.

>Select your files and folders and restore them.


>You can also copy files and folder of the deleted node by changing the UDP recovery point View.

>Go the backup destination and change the View as below.


>Please let us know if this helped or feel free to open a Support ticket with ARCserve, we would be glad to help you.


Thanks and Regards.

SohailGhouse Mohammed 2 votes
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Thank you very much! That really helped me out!


Nir Fishler 0 votes
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