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UDP Exchange GRT Complaint

Today, for the first time in a long time, I needed to restore an accidentally deleted email for a user.  In the past, this process would take me maybe 5 minutes to complete.  Now, I have to mount a restore point, then wait for everything to load, then open a separate application on the mail server, then wait for that to load the database I need, then I can restore my email.  This is ridiculous!  This process took me over an hour and a half.  How is this even remotely better than the way it was in the past? 

Steve Balke

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I totally agree. In the old udp version, a restore was fun and: unified. In the new version it is hard work. Very sad. :(

I am using arcserve backup 17.5 for exchange document level backup instead of udp 6.5. Recovery is so much easier.

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