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Feature Request: Flag a warning when a volume are excluded


We are playing in our testing environment, and tried to run a backup of our destination RPS that we replicate to.

We have been lazy and just dropped the HASH folder on the C:\ drive where the OS also is installed on the SSD disk.

I know this is not best practice, but this scenario could happen to some of our customers sometime in the future if we are not attention.

Anyway, the backup runs fine and completes without any warnings or errors. Only if you look at the logs you will notice that the backup skipped the whole C:\ volume. This is understandable considering that the HASH folder is present on the drive.

BUT we would like this behavior to change the backup to a warning, so it will be noticeable that the volume is not backed up.


Volume [C:] contains a hash file path for data store [Datastore_32K]. As a result, it will be excluded from the backup job."



Jens Johnsen

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isnt there a warning in the all nodes list ? Displaying yellow exclamtion mark saying that part of udp datastore resides on  this volume and therefore this volume will not be backed up ?

nevertheless, i can follow ypur thought.


Georg Pohl 1 vote
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Ah yes, my bad.

There are indeed on the all nodes list, under "Plan", a warning:

A warning was reported by node 'destination-rps'. (The Arcserve UDP Recovery Point Server data store is configured on volume C:. This volume will not be backed up.)
Jens Johnsen 0 votes
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