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Using UDP for a P2V


  I am currently backing up a Hyper-V (2008 R2 host) VM with the arcserve UDP agent (I am doing this through the agent because the VM is hosted on a 2008 R2 cluster and you cant do an agentless backup on an 08 R2 cluster).... 

Anyways, I'd like to move the VM off of the cluster and put it on one of my other Hyper-V hosts (2012 R2).  This is easy to do if you are doing an agentless backup (I've done it many times).  

However, even though this is a VM, because I back it up through the agent, it acts more like a physical machine.  So my question...

How should I do this?   I was thinking about creating and instant VM placing it on a different host and not connecting it to the network till I have a chance to bring it up and make sure all is well.  If I did that, would arcserve always consider the VM and "instant VM"?  After the move I want it to be just a regular ol VM that gets backed up through the hosts Agent (like all my other VM's)   Anyways, thoughts appreciated.  Thanks in advance




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I managed to do this. Here's how


1.  Created an instant VM and hosted it on another Hyper-V host (2012 R2)

2. Brought the VM up (without network because the source is still active) made sure all was well, then shut it down.

3.  Found the source files of the instant VM and copied them to another location

4.  Deleted the instant VM in arcserve (this deletes it in Hyper-v as well)

5.  Imported the VM back into Hyper-V from the files that I copied. (rename and move folders before importing)

6.  Deleted the snapshot subtree

7.  Started the VM and all is well

8.  Will take another backup of the active VM, shut it down, then bring up my doppleganger on the network and do a restore from backup to make it current.


Hope that helps anybody who needs to do this....


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