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This version of Linux is not supported with the Arcserve UDP Agent (Linux).

Hi guys,

I've managed to install UDP agent 6.1 update 1 on RHEL 7.3 successfully. The installation script verified that it's a supported platform. However, I've encountered "not supported" error when adding Linux node in UDP console. Any work-around for this situation since our customer wants to use the latest version of RHEL? Or is there any information about the schedule for supporting RHEL 7.3?

Thanks a lot!


Ben Wong

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I was able to get UDP v6.0 to work on CentOS 7.x by changing the name of the main RPS to the IP address in the node list. This might work on RHEL 7.3.

It does look like they added more RHEL x64 support in UDP 6.5.

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