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Arcserve UDP change credentials?

The AD domain admin account used to setup UDP and Arcserve backup had had an expired password and I think this caused jobs to fail. The password was changed in Active Directory but still cannot run a backup: Backup Now task produces pop-up error "Unable to log in to the Arcserve UDP Agent node. Update the node information and try again."


Job log filled with these messages from scheduled jobs: Failed to locate backup destination.

(Path=[\\\CA_UDP_UDPO0000\backupsource@ (scrubbed)], Username=[domainname\admn2], EC=[1208: An extended error has occurred.])

Bob Heathcote

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I changed the account UDP uses from the setup account to a dedicated service account for Arcserve. I had to change the password in Resources > Recovery Point Servers >  right click and update on all RPS's you want to change the password on. Also change the user in resources > all nodes > [Arcserve server names] > right click that and update node, change the user there. Go to Settings > Administrator Account and update the credentials there.

Make sure that the account you are using has access to anything Arcserve is connecting to. It took a bit for the changes to sync out to all nodes in Arcserve, with the deployment failing a few times. Eventually it caught up.

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