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Last Update: 2018-11-06 02:28:21 UTC

Dear Customers, 

Arcserve Support is moving to a new Support Portal, Service Cloud Powered by Salesforce®.
With this change we expect to provide you enhanced self-help options, better customer experience among other new features.

We have complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions to answer your queries. For any additional questions you may have, please feel free to reach out to support or send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Arcserve Support moving to a new support portal?

By moving to a new Support Portal, Arcserve Support expect our customers to experience enhanced self-help options, ease of use among host of other new capabilities which may be covered in the other sections of this FAQ.

What can a user accomplish by logging into the new support portal?

a. Access KB, Product documentation, policies, road map, important tools.
b. Open and manage cases and escalate cases
c. Chat with a live agent to troubleshoot cases
d. Collaborate with fellow community members

Is the process of moving to the new Support Portal going to be a huge task?

Arcserve Support is committed to make sure the current registered users do not spend more time in migration to new portal. To make the migration well-organized, all the registered users of the current portal will receive a registration email to the new portal (Service Cloud powered by Salesforce) with their username for the new portal.  

Once the user receives the email, please click on the link provided to create the password.  On successful password creation, the user account will be instantly activated.  All the information from the user’s old profile is migrated and the user should be able to view them.  For further queries, the user can contact support.

Will there be a change in username?

Yes, the username will change when migrating to the new portal. The username will be in the format of “<email id of the user>.arcserve”. If the user’s email id is was the username in the old portal) the new portal user id will be 

Why does the login ID have a suffix of “.arcserve”? Can’t the user login without that suffix? 

Service Cloud from Salesforce is an industry recognized CRM Tool and used by many other vendors in our space.  To make sure the username is unique in Service Cloud database, ".arcserve" is added as a suffix to every username in the new Arcserve support portal.

What is the URL for the new Support Portal? 

Will all the cases (Created / Open / Pending / Hold / Closed) moved to the new support portal?

Yes, all Technical support cases will be moved to the new support portal.

How can the user view their old cases in the new portal?

Please review the presentation on “View Cases created by my Organization” at the end of this article

Will the Case#’s change after the migration?

No. the Case# will remain same.

While moving to the new portal, if the user has an open case, will the recent updates to the case, uploaded logs and issue related items be intact during/after the movement to the new portal? Can the user continue working with the same case in the new portal?

We plan to move entire history to the new portal.  However, the uploaded logs or executables' may not be available initially. Arcserve support will have access to all your uploaded logs which may be needed to continue our analysis to the open case.  Any fixes or modules provided by support will be moved into the case as appropriate. 

If the portal movement happens while the user still have cases open, can the user use same ftp link from the old support portal and upload logs to the same case?

After moving to the new portal the FTP location(link) will change.  Support will send the new FTP details to the customer.  Alternatively, the user can visit MANAGE OPEN CASES, open the specific case and create an FTP folder.  The case number will not change and user need not upload the logs already uploaded to the old portal again.

Will the user get emails for every update on the case?

Contrary to how our current Support portal, emails all updates to the customer, with the new support portal, the user will get email updates only when the engineer marks them as an email from the case.  For regular case updates , please login to the support portal ( and view the details as explained in the presentation "View Open cases". 

After migration, how does the user report any missing issues / articles and other problems (if any)?

If there are issues logging in to the new support portal, or about any other usability features please send email to

How do a I create a case thru’ the new portal?
After logging in, in the right pane of the home page, the option to create new case is displayed.  User can use the option to create new case.  Support recommends to browse knowledge base articles, use Live Chat Option before opening a new support case.  Searching for known issues in KB Articles, and using Live Chat might help users get answers quick without opening a support case.

User can view the presentation on creating a new case @ the end of this FAQ.

How do I update my issue thru’ the new portal?
User can update a case by replying to the email received from the case or by logging into support portal to manage a case. 

Please find the Presentation on updating the case towards  the end of the FAQ

How do I close my issue thru’ the new portal?
User can make a post on the case advising to close the case.  Support will update all the required details and close the case.

How does a user add multiple contacts from their organization to a case?
The user can @mention (like @username) other contacts on the case.  When the other contacts login to the support portal with their username and ID, the  @mention notifications will be visible to the contacts.  The contacts can check the notifications and if the contact wants to monitor the happenings on the issue, the contact can follow the case.  The contact can view the updates under respective chatter feed.

How does a user reopen issue from the new portal?
User can reply to the emails received from the respective ticket and reopen the case within 10 days for closure. 

How does the user escalate a case thru’ the new support portal? 

After logging in, under GET SUPPORT – click on escalate case, select the case that needs to be escalated, click on the link to escalate the case.

Users can view the presentation on Escalating Tickets attached to this FAQ.​​

How does a user change owner of the case?

Similar to the normal case updates from customer, the customer can request to change the owner of the case either by logging into the portal or through an email into the case. 

What is the password policy for the new support portal (

The Password is set to never expire.   However, support recommends the users to change their password in frequent intervals to avoid any security breach.

How does User change the password in the new portal?

Login to the support portal, under My Profile, click on user preferences and then under Account click on reset password.

Users can look @ the presentation on ​resetting password attached to this FAQ.

Is Subscription option available for the new support portal?  If yes, what are the different items I can subscribe for?

The concept is little different than subscribing.  In Service Cloud we call it as "Following"
a. A logged in User can follow other Users, Cases.
b. Bookmark, community posts.

I have bookmarked few of the KB articles in the outgoing support portal.  After moving to Service Cloud Can I use the same links?  

Support is looking @ possibilities of redirecting links from old portal to new portal.  However, there is no ETA.
As of now, we need to do few manual editing to bookmarks.  

The old bookmarks will be like  Except the last portion of the KB link, the other link need to be redirected to 

For example, if the article link is, except the last portion, that is /205390825, the other address should be changed as

For all articles, replace in the article with

In the old support portal, with “search” the user was able to narrow down the searches by Product.  Is the same option available in the new portal and can the user use “search term” + “UDP” like in Google?

For first few months the new support portal will not have product specific search.  It is work in progress.  The user can use concatenation.

The notifications next to user profile, will it show the case notifications?

Global Notifications, members receive messages wherever they are working, whether in their communities or in their apps. Members receive notifications on any screen—mobile, tablet, and desktop. When someone @mentions the user, the notification will appear.

Will the user need to login to the new portal ( to view KB articles or can the user see the KB articles / Product Documentation / Compatibility Matrix / other necessary support resources without logging into the new portal?

The user will need to login to the support portal ( to access any support resources.

What services of the new portal would need a user to log in?

The user needs to login to view / access any support resources in the new portal except for user registration.

Where can the user report login issues if they are not able to login to

If there are issues logging in to, please send email to

Will the new portal accept Gmail / Yahoo / Outlook / other generic email IDs?

The user will need a corporate email id to register with the new portal.

How does a user upload profile picture in the new portal?  

Login to the support portal, go to user profile.  On the picture section, click on camera icon and upload the picture.

Are Community Forums part of the new portal?  

Yes, Community Forums are part of the new portal.    From the homepage, pull down GET SUPPORT MENU.  Select ASK COMMUNITY option.

Can all users (with or without a portal login) access communities and ask questions?

Currently, only registered users have access to communities and users will have to login to access communities. 

Can any user reply to a question in communities?  If yes, do they get any credit if their question is accepted as best answer

One user can reply to another user's question in community forums.  They get their due credit.

Can a user notify another user on a question / answer in communities?

Yes, they can use @mention (@Username) and notify the user.

What is an app launcher ? Why is it visible for me?

App launcher provides a single sign-on portal for users to launch approved Salesforce apps.  It's a default option and if the user use another app from Salesforce, they can launch the other app from the same window using App launcher. 

For any questions not answered in this FAQ, please send an email to 

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