arcserve-KB : P00001405 | 6.0 U3 | Mbox migration support

Last Update: 2018-09-03 11:04:48 UTC Problem Summary:
Try to migrate mbox file. At current design we are not allowing to migrate mbox file

Products Affected:
Arcserve UDP Archiving6.0.3;

Product Installation Instructions:
Steps to apply the fix: 

Works on top of UDP Archiving Version Update-3 : v6.0.205     

1. Copy the P00001405.tar.gz  to the Appliance machine under /home/udp_admin/
2. change the permissions for the copied files using chmod  -R 777 command.
   Ex: sudo chmod -R 777 P00001405.tar.gz

3. From the current directory ( /home/udp_admin) extract the tar.gz file using 
command: sudo tar -zxvf P00001405.tar.gz
4. Now run the bellow commands to apply the changes:
a) sudo /etc/init.d/rc.fas stop
b) sudo cp /usr/local/bin/fasimport /usr/local/bin/fasimport_P00001405 
c) sudo cp /home/udp_admin/usr/local/bin/fasimport /usr/local/bin/fasimport
d) sudo cp /usr/local/libexec/fas/ /usr/local/libexec/fas/migration.sh_P00001405
e) sudo cp /home/udp_admin/usr/local/libexec/fas/ /usr/local/libexec/fas/
f) sudo /etc/init.d/rc.fas start

Following are files affected with this patch:

a) /usr/local/bin/fasimport

Related Fix List:
Fix (P00001405 for product: Arcserve UDP Archiving release: 6.0.3) is available please click here to download and apply.
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