arcserve-KB : P00001274 | Archiving 6.0 | Deployment || Arcserve UDP Archiving Show blank page when We click on Activate.

Last Update: 2018-05-22 11:55:29 UTC

Problem Summary:
1) When customer trying to activate UDP Archiving product, After click on Activate button, noticed a Blank page

2) When After activation user could not able to Update their mail-ID


i) Install Update-3

ii) Set time zone to Asia/Singapore or any other zone which not display the short time zone as "IST,GMT"

iii)Now try to activate the product

iv) Blank page will be noticed


i) After activation with all details filled , try to update the mail id

ii) Failed to update the mail-id

Products Affected:
Arcserve UDP Archiving, Affected release : 6.0.3

Product Installation Instructions:

Steps to apply the fix:
Works on top of UDP Archiving Version : v6.0.205  (Update-3)  
1.Copy the P00001274.tar.gz to the Appliance machine under /home/udp_admin/and extract with the command:
sudo tar -zxvf P00001274.tar.gz
2. change the permissions for the extracted files  using chmod -R 777 command.
   Ex: sudo chmod -R 777
       sudo chmod -R 777 P00001274.tar
3. Navigate to Root directory (cd  /)
4. Run the script “”  as
   command:   sudo /home/udp_admin/
Following are files affected with this patch:
a. /var/fas/www/controller/common/getlicense.php

Related Fix List:
Published Fix (P00001274 for product: Arcserve UDP Archiving release: 6.0.3) is available please contact arcserve support for the fix.

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