arcserve-KB : ASBU | How to configure Office 365 for Email Alerts with Arcserve Backup

Last Update: 2018-05-11 08:56:58 UTC

Description:  This KB article outlines the detailed screenshots & steps involved to be able to configure Office 365 for Email Alerts with Arcserve Backup. 

Applicable to Arcserve Backup R17.5 version onwards 

Note:  With Arcserve R17.5 we have the following 'Feature Enhancements'  - Using Arcserve Backup r17.5, you can send alerts configured through the TLS/SSL SMTP server.

Refer production documentation Release notes - 


We would need to do Arcserve Backup side configuration as outlined below. 

Follow below steps to configure office365 alerts in Arcserve Backup 

1. Open alert manager in administration and navigate to My computer-> configuration->Arcserve backup->SMTP and provide required details as below:


2. After that right click on smtp and create new item, provide your mail id ( Office 365)  and an display name

3. Now you can configure alerts in the Arcserve backup.  


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