arcserve-KB : UDP | Hardware Snapshot || Nimble hardware not being detected for VMWare backups

Last Update: 2018-03-22 14:38:23 UTC
Description: The vmware data store residing on a nimble storage not being detected by backup job to take the advantage of hardware snapshot.

Applicable for
UDP agent : V 6.5 update 1
OS : 2012 r2

Error Message: 
Virtual Disks residing on datastore <vmware datastore name> would be backed up using Software Snapshot, please configure storage arrays in UDP Console to take advantage of Hardware Snapshot. For an updated list of supported StorageArrays, see the Compatibility Matrix.


Verifying the version of Nimble OS of the Storage Arrays is supported by Arcserve UDP or not

On confirmation check the Data IP address of the storage array's 

a) Login to the Nimble console
b) Click on the Administration -> Network Configuration
c) In Summary page, click on Active Settings
d) Navigate to Interfaces

Make a note of the Data IP Address as shown in the below screenshot

Next find out Data IP address used on the ESXi server.

a) Login to the vCenter server using the webclient
b) Select the ESXi server on which the source VM is running
c) Click on Configure -> Datastores
d) Click on the Datastore that has the source VM running,  you can find the IP address as shown below

Make sure all the storage array's with the correct Data IP address are added to the UDP console through “Add storage array” wizard also make sure the data ip that was specified at the the ESXi data store configuration wizard are same.

Run a backup job and see if the hardware snapshot is being triggered.
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