arcserve-KB : UDP | Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images when trying to restore a VM

Last Update: 2018-03-22 14:27:58 UTC
The backups will be successful and when doing the restore of the virtual machine we might encounter the problem.

All versions of UDP 
Vmware ESXI-5.1.0

Error Message:
Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images

Cause/Observation/Findings from the logs:-
VSTOR2 driver is not available or started on the server causing the failure in mounting disk images.

Logs shows as follows

[VDDKLOG] [NFC ERROR] NfcNewAuthdConnectionEx: Failed to connect to peer. Error:    {AFBackend.exe::AFRestoreDll.dll(4175.385)}
[VDDKLOG] NBD_ClientOpen: Couldn't connect to name-esx-host.servername:902    {AFBackend.exe::AFRestoreDll.dll(4175.385)}
[VDDKLOG] DISKLIB-DSCPTR: : 'vpxa-nfcssl://[servername -LOCAL] filename-APP2_restored/filename-App2_restored.vmdk@name-esx-host.servername:902' : Failed to open NBD extent.  {AFBackend.exe::AFRestoreDll.dll(4175.385)}
[VDDKLOG] DISKLIB-LINK  : 'vpxa-nfcssl://[servername-LOCAL] filename-APP2_restored/filename-APP2_restored.vmdk@name-esx-host.servername:902' : failed to open (NBD_ERR_NETWORK_CONNECT).    {AFBackend.exe::AFRestoreDll.dll(4175.385)}
[VDDKLOG] DISKLIB-CHAIN : 'vpxa-nfcssl://[servername-LOCAL] filename-APP2_restored/filename -APP2_restored.vmdk@name-esx-host.servername:902' : failed to open (NBD_ERR_NETWORK_CONNECT).  {AFBackend.exe::AFRestoreDll.dll(4175.385)}
[VDDKLOG] DISKLIB-LIB  : Failed to open 'vpxa-nfcssl://[servername-LOCAL] filename_restored/' with flags 0x1a NBD_ERR_NETWORK_CONNECT (2338).  {AFBackend.exe::AFRestoreDll.dll(4175.385)}


1. Check for the vstore drivers file under the c:\windows\system32\DRIVERS\vstor2-mntapi20-shared.sys
2. Verify if the Driver Vstor2 MntApi20 Driver (Shared) is started and running under software environment \signed 
    drivers in MSINFO32

3. If the driver Vstor2 MntApi20 is not running, run the  following command to start it

    cmd : net start vstor2-mntapi20-shared

4. To determine if the driver is installed correctly, type the following:
    cmd :  sc query vstor2-mntapi20-shared

If the driver is installed and running, the command returns the following information:

Now we will see the driver listed in the System drivers.

Check event viewer for confirmation of the installation and then check MSinfo32 to confirm if the driver is started and running.

5.Initiate the restore of Virtual machine
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