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Last Update: 2018-04-04 14:44:01 UTC
On opening the Arcserve UDP console or Agent sometime we see a security warning message displayed below


General query that might  raise

1. How to use SSL certificates in UDP ?
2. Where are certificates to be installed, UDP console server, UDP proxy server ?
3. How do we get UDP to stop using a self-signed certificate?


Make a note of the location where the Third Party Certificate 'private key file' and 'certificate file' are situated.

1.Copy original 'server.crt' and 'server.key' to X:\cert on Console server (There must be a X drive is the alternate drive on UDP console server)
2.Download and extract attached tool. Then copy the batch file inside D:\cert
3.Backup these original files from below location ( udp.pem, server.crt, server.key and server.keystore )
    a. C:\Program Files\Arcserve\Unified Data Protection\Common\Tomcat\conf\server.keystore
    b. C:\Program Files\Arcserve\Unified Data Protection\Common\Apache\conf\extra\udp.pem
    c. C:\Program Files\Arcserve\Unified Data Protection\Management\BIN\RPSComm\cert\server.crt
    d. C:\Program Files\Arcserve\Unified Data Protection\Management\BIN\RPSComm\cert\server.key
    e. C:\Program Files\Arcserve\Unified Data Protection\Engine\BIN\RPSComm\cert\server.crt
    f.  C:\Program Files\Arcserve\Unified Data Protection\Engine\BIN\RPSComm\cert\server.key
4. Delete the original files from all above locations ( udp.pem, server.crt, server.key and server.keystore ).
5. Open command prompt as administrator, go to D:\cert and run the batch file. 
6. You will have to enter this password = ARCServeD2D (Note !! When you enter this password, you will not see it. Please ensure you enter the password correctly).
7. This will regenerate new files in the same location D:\cert

6. Replace the new files udp.pem, server.crt, server.key and server.keystore in all the original locations and restart all UDP services.​
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    Bruno Roldão Silva

    2.Download and extract attached tool. Then copy the batch file inside D:\cert

    Onde esta o link para Download ?