arcserve-KB : How to check the type of Azure storage account before configuring cloud based device on Arcserve Backup

Last Update: 2018-01-16 11:39:18 UTC
All version of Arcserve  Backup

How to validate whether the appropriate Azure storage account is being used to configure the cloud based device for Arcserve Backup. 

Arcserve Backup is designed to use Block Blob or Page Blob.

General Purpose storage account with standard performance tier will only support both block blobs and page blobs

After  login to the azure portal, click the “Storage Accounts” in the left pane


Click on the storage accounts, it will list the existing accounts storage accounts which were created by user. Make sure the kind of the account being used for the connection is “Storage”.


Click the storage account which has the kind as “Storage”, after which click “overview” and make sure the performance is “Standard” as shown in the screenshot below



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