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Last Update: 2018-01-16 11:46:55 UTC
Questions related to backup of Mirrored Volumes.

1) While backing up a mirrored volume (Software RAID 1), the Total Data Processed shows double.

Ans:- This is an expected behaviour as we have to process two disks.

2) First Full backup of a Mirrored Volume to a Dedupe Data Store has less Dedupe Percentage even when both the disks in the Mirrored Volume has identical data.

Ans:- The duplicated data on the mirror volume is backed up to dedupe Data Store in parallel. As they are sent to dedupe data store with similar time point, they could not be effectively de-duped in the first full backup job. This behaviour is limited to the first backup and when the subsequent full backup jobs are performed, high dedupe percentage can be noticed. Furthermore, the duplicated data will be removed once the recovery point of the first full backup is merged after the retention time is met.


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