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arcserve-KB : RHA | ER00066 Wrong format of journal file

Last Update: 2016-11-17 16:58:28 UTC
Title:  ER00066 Wrong format of journal file 

Description:  Your scenario is running and receives errors like these:  

Error Message:
'ER00066, message: Wrong format of journal file D:/SPOOL_ARCSERVE/XOMF/collector1/131157993803049189_2485390964029.Jrnl, journal size 506732246. Unable to read event Open,  start offset 506676384,  read to relative offset 4, failed on field Non existing field. The reason Name field length 55122 doesn't match the allowed range [1,4096]. Moved problematic journal file to C:/Program Files/CA/ARCserve RHA/Engine/tmp/131157993803049189_2485390964029.Jrnl'

Further review of the master's RHA engine logs at this time also shows these errors:

'(16/08/2016 01:24:22) Fail to initialize the Journal file D:/SPOOL_ARCSERVE/XOMF/collector1/131157950213703248_2474323396103.Jrnl(16/08/2016 01:24:22) Notifying scenario 136009190, host 1; message id: ER00033, message: Unable to open file D:/SPOOL_ARCSERVE/XOMF/collector1/131157950213703248_2474323396103.Jrnl'

Solution:  In this case the size of our journal file was too large and exceeded a limit in Windows.  To resolve this we can decrease the window of time in which we create our journal files so they do not have the chance to get so large.  
1. Stop the scenario, once stopped then stop the RHA engine service on the master and replica in services.
2. Go to the install directory of the engine on the master and replica in 64 bit program files, in the 'engine' folder open ws_rep.cfg with notepad. 
3. Find XomfRotateJournalTimeout, change it from 3 to 2 and remove the # symbol from that line.  save the file and close it and then start the engine service back up, do this on both hosts then resync the scenario.
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