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arcserve-KB : RHA | How to force RHA to allow replication of a subdirectory RHA is already protecting

Last Update: 2016-11-17 16:42:33 UTC
Title: How to force RHA to allow the replication of a subfolder for a directory we are already replicating

Description: In some situations you may find you need to add a directory to replicate but you receive an error this directory overlaps with a directory we are already replicating.
An example of this: You have a SQL scenario replicating from the folder D:\MSSQLdata , you then find out you have SQL file streams enabled and the stream data resides in a folder in this location: D:\MSSQLdata\streamdata . With a SQL scenario RHA is already looking in the MSSQLdata folder and all subfolders for any file related to SQL (.mdf, .ldf, .nat, .dat). So even if there are no SQL database or log files in the streamdata folder that SQL scenario is still monitoring it. If you tried to add a file directory to replicate the streamdata folder you would get an overlapping root directories error and it would not let you run this scenario.

Solution: In order to replicate this subfolder of a root folder we are already protecting in the SQL scenario it will require a separate file server scenario. In addition to the separate scenario it will also require a parameter be used in the RHA manager's config file to force RHA to allow this root directory overlap to occur between the 2 scenarios.

1. Create a new file server scenario from the same master to the same replica, DR is fine and you do not need assured recovery. In the example given we would just drill down and select specifically the D:\MSSQLdata\streamdata folder. Finish configuring that scenario with whatever desired spool and other settings and then click finish on the last page.

2. After saving that scenario close the manager and navigate to the 32 bit program files install directory of the RHA manager, in the 'manager' folder find mng_core_com.cfg and open that with notepad. On the 3rd line it should be blank with no # sympbol, add the following line there: EnableDuplicateRootFolder = True
Save the file, close it, then open up windows services and restart the RHA control service. Now open the manager again and you should be able to run both scenarios, you will receive a warning now about the overlapping root directory between the 2 scenarios, previously it was an error and it would not let the scenarios both run.

3. Depending on what type of scenario your 1st scenario is you will need to exclude the directory added to the 2nd scenario from the 1st scenario, this is to try to ensure we don't have our driver monitoring this same directory in both scenarios. If both of the scenarios are file server scenarios then you must do this, to do this with the 1st scenario stopped click on the master in the left pane, in the right pane go to the root directories tab and under the green folder right click and choose browse and select directories. Then click on the exclude button and select the actual directory added to the 2nd scenario, it should show up with a red x on it indicating it will not be replicated in that 1st scenario. Click ok and then save that scenario.
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