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arcserve-KB : RHA | SQL Scenario || DBCC checks not working during manual AR unless xorw is unloaded

Last Update: 2016-11-18 11:23:51 UTC
Description:  If you are using manual assured recovery tests in your SQL scenario to then do a DBCC check on the inactive host and it is failing try the following to resolve this.

Solution:  In this case the DBCC checks were failing because it failed to take the vss snapshot while our AR driver (xorw) was loaded.  Ideally when you run DBCC checkdb , a temporary snapshot is created,  It freezes the database for that particular moment and then runs the check and gives us the output.  
In order to resolve this we ran the DBCC checks with the 'TABLOCK' function.  TABLOCK will skip the step of creating a snapshot, it will create temp tables in TEMP DB and hence will then run the integrity check on that temp tables in temp DB and then once the check is done it will delete those entries from temp db automatically.

Here is an example SQL command with this function for a database called SQLCentric:  

DBCC CHECKDB (SQLCentric) WITH TABLOCK; -- This option does NOT use a snapshot
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