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arcserve-KB : RHA | Avoid resyncing due to a reboot

Last Update: 2016-11-17 16:41:47 UTC
Description:  If while the scenario is running you reboot either host it will cause the scenario to re-synchronize.  Depending on the size of the data be synced on the master the resync may take a while, you may be asking if this can be avoided even if the unexpected reboot cannot.

Solution:  There is a way to disable an auto resync from occurring if the inactive replica is rebooted. 

*Important Note, if the replica has data in it's spool folder before it is rebooted it may not properly process that spool data after the reboot, this is the reason RHA normally triggers a resync for any reboot.  If your scenarios are not fully in sync with empty spools the majority of the time you may not want to disable this feature.  If your scenarios will always be synced up with empty spools when the unexpected reboot happens you can go ahead and disable this. 

In order to disable a resync from the replica being rebooted do the following steps after stopping your scenario:

1. You must first turn off 'Run after Reboot' in your scenario.  In the left pane click on the scenario level, in the right pane go to the properties tab and expand replication:

2.Next on the master and replica hosts go to services and stop the RHA engine service.

3. In the 64 bit program files folder ca\arcserve rha\engine\ open the ws_rep.cfg file in notepad.

4. Go to edit then find and find the parameter 'avoidresyncafterreboot'.  Change it from False to True then remove the # symbol from that line.  

Save the file and close it, start the RHA engine service back up.  Do this on both hosts and then resync your scenario.
Now if your replica is unexectedily rebooted it shows the following event:

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