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arcserve-KB : RHA | Needs to free up some disk space from replication server.

Last Update: 2016-11-17 16:38:59 UTC
Description :  If you find the disk space on your RHA management host is being used up it may be due to turning on detailed reporting. 

Solution:  The RHA manager host/control service host does not have a spool folder.  If RHA is filling up the drive you installed the manager on it most likely is because detailed reports in your scenario(s) is enabled and the reports are large.  If the active host is very busy and a large amount of data changes there the reports can get quite large if you used the detailed option. 
By default detailed sync reports are enabled, replication reports are not enabled by default.  If you turn on replication reporting on the master or replica's properties tab and you then enable the detailed option the reports can get very large and fill up the drive it's installed on:

By default the scenario is set to keep an unlimited number of reports, you can change that and where the reports are stored on the properties tab for the scenario level: 

You can find the reports in the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\ARCserve RHA\Manager\reports  
If you want to clear up some disk space by moving some older reports to another drive or deleting them you can manually do that in that folder. You can also turn off detailed sync and replication reports to make the reports much smaller. 
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