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arcserve-KB : UDP | RPS || Maximum number of deduplication data stores has been reached

Last Update: 2018-01-30 17:46:59 UTC
Environment:  Arcserve UDP 5.x / 6.x
                      Data Store: Local RPS / Dedup Enabled

There are already 30 data stores created in one RPS server. Unable to create any more.

Error Message: Failed to create the deduplication data store. The maximum number of deduplication data stores has been reached. Refer to activity Log for more information.

The default ports range for dedupe data store is from 5000 to 5060. We only use the beginning port in the registry configuration, by default, 5000, 5001 and 5002 are the first deduplication data store port numbers. But the end port in the range do not take effect, it means deduplication data store can use ports larger than 5060.

By default, each RPS server has a limitation of creating up to 30 dedupe data stores, user cannot create more than 30 deduplication data stores in one RPS, but non-deduplication data store do not has such limitation. Because the deduplication data store will use some RPS system resource, so this limitation is added.

Note !! It is not recommended to have so many Dedupe data stores on one server. If you do not have enough system resources , you might start running into performance issues on the RPS server.

We can enlarge or reduce the maximum deduplication data store account in one RPS:

Registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CA\ARCserve Unified Data Protection\Engine\DataStore
Create DWORD
Name: MaxDedupeDSAmount 
Set the decimal value (Maximum value for creating dedupe data store)
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