arcserve-KB : P00000513 |UDP V6| FAT32 volume can't be recognized

Last Update: 2017-05-02 07:03:40 UTC

Problem Summary:

FAT32 volume can't be recognized correctly after installing UDP v6 (update 1/2/3). Problems below may be observed -

1. Some windows update can't installed correctly.
2. ASR writer reported error while taking snapshot during UDP Windows agent backup

Products Affected:
Arcserve UDP6.0, GM, with Update 1, Update 2, Update 3;

Product Installation Instructions:

Apply this patch follow instructions below. This patch applies to UDP v6, v6 update 1, v6 update 2 and v6 update 3.

1. Unzip to folder "[Arcserve_UDP_Install_Dir]\Engine\bin\drivers", replacing existing files
2. Run below command to install the patch.
    Install.cmd "[Arcserve_UDP_Install_Dir]\Engine\bin"

Here "[Arcserve_UDP_Install_Dir]" represent the Arcserve UDP installation folder.

Related Fix List:
Fix (P00000513 for product: Arcserve UDP release: 6.0 Update 2) is available please click here to download and apply.

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