arcserve-KB : UDP | RecoveryPointServer || After changing RPS hostname, Plan deployment is getting failed.

Last Update: 2018-05-08 12:01:03 UTC
Version : Arcserve UDP : 5.x / 6.x


After changing the Hostname of the RPS server, Plan deployment fails.


1. Stop the Datastore on affected RPS server.

2. Use Import datastore option from Arcserve UDP Console.

3. Browse the datastore destination folder [Browse the old datastore destination]

Click ok
Click Next.

Note: Browse the same old Datastore destination because we are just updating the Datastore information, If you will select a new data destination it will create a new one and your next backups will be 'Full' backups.

4. Right click on datastore and check the data share folder path. [It must be changed with new Hostname].

5. Start the Datastore.

6. Go to all Plans and re-deploy all the plans related to this Datastore.

Note: If you run a backup without re-deploying the plan, the next backup will be a Full Backup.

7. Once your plan gets deployed, Run a backup it should run an Incremental Backup.

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