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arcserve-KB : RHA | How to configure the routing between the RHA manager host and the Amazon EC2 VM

Last Update: 2018-01-30 17:47:01 UTC
Title: How to configure the routing between the RHA manager host and the Amazon EC2 VM

Subject:  To use our FSHA to the Amazon cloud you must configure in your EC2 cloud settings to allow the RHA manager host's IP to be routed inbound to the cloud.  Otherwise when you go to add your cloud account in our GUI it won't make the proper connection to Amazon from your master's network.

Solution:  To configure the routing in Amazon's EC2 dashboard/website please review the following steps:

1. First, login to the Amazon EC2 dashboard: https://aws.amazon.com/console/

2. Next, click on 'EC2'

3. Next, click on 'instances' on the left:

4. Find your instance in the box on top and click on it, then on the bottom get the VPC ID

5. Next, click on security groups on the left:

6. In the box on top click on your VPC ID from the instances area earlier, at the bottom is where you will now click on 'inbound' and add the IP address of the RHA control service/manager host.  There will be 3 entries to add for this IP, to get the IP it needs please visit https://www.ipchicken.com/ to get your RHA manager host's public IP.  The above image has some edits to the IP's to keep them private.

7. Next, click on 'edit' and add the following 3 entries for your public IP:

8. After the 3 entries are made and it looks like the above image, click save.  You can now try to add your EC2 cloud account to the cloud panel of the RHA manager. For more on how to do that, see the following:
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