arcserve-KB : Arcserve Unified Data Protection Version 6.0 Update 2 is now Available

Last Update: 2017-02-08 03:38:22 UTC
Update2 includes UDP 6.0 Update 1 and the patch P00000421 for the important security issue.
Ø For v6.0 GA or update1 customers can upgrade to Update2 by Update Utility or Manual. 
Ø New UDP 6.0 U2 Fresh installations or upgrades from v5.0 require the complete setup files . An upgrade from v5.0 or a fresh installation of v6.0 U2  can be done by downloading the complete product directly by using single installer or  remaster build.
Ø Update2 Documention Link
Ø Recommend to use matched ASBU Build, R17 with patch P00000322
Arcserve UDP Copy to Tape integration in Arcserve UDP V6 Update 2 requires the patch P00000322 on the Arcserve Backup r17 server. This patch includes fixes for the Copy to Tape job monitor and memory leak. Arcserve Backup patch manager stops and starts all the Arcserve Backup server services while applying the patch.
Note: Before applying the patch, ensure that there is no active job running in Arcserve Backup and also close the Arcserve Backup manager.
Without this patch installed on Arcserve Backup server side, copy to tape task can still work, but with below two problems:
- Arcserve Backup Web Service has memory leak. After long-time running, it might not work normally and could not trigger copy to tape jobs.
- V6 GA known issue: When you modify and save an Arcserve UDP plan that includes the copy to tape task during active copy to tape jobs, the Jobs Monitor for the active copy to tape jobs on Arcserve UDP would disappear. You can verify the copy to tape progress in Arcserve Backup manager or refer to the job history in the Arcserve UDP Console when the job is complete.
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