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arcserve-KB : Auto run reverse scenario not working for grouped scenarios after a failover

Last Update: 2016-05-19 19:21:26 UTC
Problem:  If you have scenarios grouped together and you enable the 'run reverse replication scenario after switchover' option you may have noticed after a normal switchover the scenarios stay running, but after a failover the scenarios stop after the failover. 

Solution:  The 'run reverse replication scenario after switchover' option for grouped scenarios does not currently support failovers, just switchovers.  If the scenario switches over on it's own with automatic switchover 'on', this is counted as a failover and for grouped scenarios the scenarios would all stop after failing over.   Reverse Sync., will not start.   If a normal switchover is done where the switchover button is pressed, all scenarios should stay running after switchover. 
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