arcserve-KB : Unable to delete the Datastore of a non existing / Retired RPS server

Last Update: 2016-11-23 11:43:11 UTC

Arcserve UDP  Release  : 5.x / 6.x


While trying to delete the Data Store of a non-existent / retired Arcserve UDP RPS server, the below error/warning message is seen :

The error/warning message is based on the expectation that we are removing a Data Store from an existing RPS server but since the RPS does not exist, we need to apply the below solution. 


In order to delete a Data Store of a non-existent RPS server, delete the RPS server instead of deleting the Datastore.

Steps to be followed:

1. From the UDP Console:

2. Go to the Resources Tab-Destinations tab

3. Click on the Recovery Point Servers to see the RPS Datastore information. Right-Click the RPS server and select Delete. This would delete the RPS and DataStore configuration.

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