arcserve-KB : Arcserve Backup || Managing Media with Arcserve Backup r17 using WRP & LBP features on LTO-7

Last Update: 2016-06-28 19:01:19 UTC
Arcserve backup R17 Provides GUI and CLI to Enable/Disable Write Protection(WRP) and Logical Block Protection(LBP) on LTO-7 Tape Drive. However, these GUI features are automatically displayed when the drive is detected as LTO-7 and not applicable for lower generations (Below LTO-7).

                                                               Write Protection (WRP)  

Enable WRP:

Note: Media should be inserted into drive to enable WRP and format.  Applicable only when you use LTO-7 drive.

Using Command Line Interface:

ca_devmgr -setwrp <DeviceNo> <Mode>, Mode= 1 (Enable WRP)

Disable WRP

Note: WRP Media should be ejected from the drive to perform Disable WRP.

Using Command Line Interface:
ca_devmgr -setwrp <DeviceNo> <Mode>, Mode= 0 (Disable WRP)

Erasing the WRP media:

1)Try to Erase the write protected media (“WRP still enable on drive”)

Note: when you try to erase write protected media, it rejects to perform erase and provides a pop-up of Erase Failed.

2)Media is shown as “Blank Media” in GUI.

3)Perform a regular inventory and it will display the WRP formatted name that it used during backup and was able to restore the data.

4) If the Database has been erased, then merge the WRP media to perform a restore from WRP media.

Note: Mixed tape (having both non-WRP & WRP blocks) or the completely WRP tape could not be formatted/Erased in case WRP is enabled on the drive.

Logical Block Protection(LBP)

Enable LBP:

Note: Enable LBP when the drive is empty. Do not insert any media into the drive while enabling LBP.

Using Command Line Interface:

ca_devmgr -setlbp <DeviceNo> <Mode>, Mode= 1 (Enable LBP)

Disable LBP:

Note: Ensure that the media is inside the drive to disable LBP.

Using Command Line Interface:

ca_devmgr -setlbp <DeviceNo> <Mode>, Mode=0 (Disable LBP)

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