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arcserve-KB : Arcserve Backup - 17 Patches

Last Update: 2017-04-21 05:00:54 UTC


Arcserve Backup r17 for Windows
Solutions & Patches


Name Type Size Date Released Description Prerequisites
Arcserve Backup for Windows r17.0
P00000722 ZIP 28.4 MB 2017-04-21 Physical disk backup job doesn't backup whole GPT disk none
P00000602 ZIP 35.7 MB 2017-03-15 Backup speed drops after upgrading to r17 none
P00000619 ZIP 21.8 MB 2017-02-10 DR fails to restore encrypted session from tape in LTO7 none
P00000518 ZIP 35.1 MB 2017-01-17 Backup fails with E8535 after browsing Oracle Server node none
P00000555 ZIP 22.2 MB 2016-12-01 Compressed files are sometimes corrupted when restored with Image Option none
P00000530  ZIP 1 KB 2016-09-28 Support of OES 11 SP3 on SLES 11 SP4 none
P00000475 ZIP 1.2 KB 2016-08-22 Support for Ubuntu 16 none
P00000379 ZIP 19.6 MB 2016-06-30 Device Certification for Library with LTO-7 Drives none
P00000415 ZIP 22.4 MB 2016-06-03 Support AWS Storage Gateway VTL none
P00000306 ZIP 21.8 MB 2016-06-01 EMC Isilon OneFS 7.2.x NAS support none
P00000293 ZIP 29 MB 2016-03-29 AE0066 in restore job none
P00000322 ZIP 19.2 MB 2016-05-03 Rollup fixes on copy-to-tape for ASBU r17 none
P00000365 ZIP 70.9 MB 2016-05-11 ASBU AWS SDK Upgrade for Vulnerability none


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