arcserve-KB : How to setup Virtual Library in a MSFC Cluster-Aware environment ?

Last Update: 2016-06-03 07:50:33 UTC
ASBU r16.5
ASBU r17.0

How to setup Virtual Library


You can setup Virtual Library in an MSFC Cluster-Aware environment.
  1.  In Failover Cluster Manager, set the 'Response to resource failure' to 'If resource fails, do not restart' for 'Arcserve Registry' and 'Arcserve HA' resources
  2. Remove 'Registry replication' setting from 'Arcserve Registry' resource, and add the same to 'Arcserve ASDB' resource.
  3. Use the ASBU Device Configuration wizard to configure the virtual library
    •  For example, 1 virtual library with 2 drives 20 slots, and 1 virtual library with 2 drives and the remaining slots.
    •  Ignore the 'Arcserve Registry' resource status changing to 'fail' when tape engine stops.
  4. Bring 'Arcserve Regitry' resource to ONLINE status
    •  Tape Engine starts
  5. Check to see the virtual libraries are created in the Manager GUI
  6. Let the failover happen
  7. When the standby machine becomes active, check the virtual libraries in the manager gui on that machine
  8. Let the failover happen (it returns the active machine to the original one)
  9. Check the virtual libraries are remaining
  10. Change back the HA resource settings. So, move back the 'Registry replication' setting from 'Arcserve ASDB' to 'Arcserve Registry'.
  11. Change back the 'Response to resource failure' setting.
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