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arcserve-KB : Why is switch computer name not available for Oracle HA scenarios?

Last Update: 2016-05-19 19:16:49 UTC
Description:  You may have noticed if you create an HA Oracle scenario that switch computer name is not an option:

Solution:  The reason switch computer name is not an option for Oracle HA scenarios is because of a problem with the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) not starting after the host has been renamed. The OEM has the master's computer name in many of it's config files so renaming the server usually results in the OEM not starting. 
If you do not use the Oracle Enterprise Manager or you have already tested the rename and the OEM still works you can create a custom HA scenario and select all the Oracle directories and services to be managed.  This type of scenario will allow you to choose switch computer name, make sure to also enable the reboot option as you must reboot windows servers after renaming them. 

More Information:
For more information on creating a custom application scenario please see the following document:

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