arcserve-KB : ASBU 16.5 Restore data from (RAW/Physical) disk format results in file system corruption

Last Update: 2016-04-20 13:57:39 UTC
Product Name  > arcserve Backup
arcserve Backup Version  >  16.5
arcserve Backup Agents and Options  >  Client Agent For Windows
arcserve Backup Task  >  Backup Operation


File system isn't recognized by OS after restoring the raw backup data of disks or volumes, and the message dialog pops up to ask if user formats the disk when trying to look into it in the Windows explorer.
This problem always occurs for the raw backup data which are backed up after applying r16.5 Update1 (RO56479) or Update2 (RO62168).


1.No particular errors are displayed in the backup and restore jobs, and the jobs completes normally. Users find the data is corrupted when they try to look into the disk or volume.
2.The “RAW Backup” mentioned in this article indicates a physical volumes / disks i.e. RAW disk format and is NOT meant for CA ARCserve Backup Virtual Machine agent VDDK backups.


Please apply RO64580 and then take a new raw backup for the disks or volumes.

More information about physical disks / volumes – please refer – CA ARCserve Backup Administration guide located under documentation section of our support page.

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