arcserve-KB : FAQ: Can UDP dynamically automatically detect VM’s in ESXi environment that are migrated using VMotion?

Last Update: 2016-11-23 12:52:31 UTC
When the VM's in VMWare Environment are migrated from one ESXi Host to another Host in the same vCenter Environment using vMotion, would the subsequent agentless backup of VM's run fine or would it require any manual intervention?

The subsequent backup of VM's using Arcserve UDP should work fine, however this depends on how the VM's were Imported in Arcserve UDP. 

1) Imported using the ESXi Host.
2) Imported using the vCenter.

  • If the nodes (VM’s) were imported from the ESXi host, then arcserve UDP cannot auto detect any migration. This requires reimport of the VM's.
  • If the nodes (VM’s) were imported from the vCenter, then the movement of VM's would be transparent and the subsequent backups should run fine. Reimport of the VM's is not required.
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