arcserve-KB : Cloud Service detailed conditions of the support for UDP v5 , v6 and v6.5

Last Update: 2017-01-05 16:36:28 UTC
Please implement Arcserve UDP components to cloud computers from the supported cloud vendors with following notes.

Also refer to the cloud-specific notes which are listed as the exception on the bottom of this page.

Below UDP components are supported to install on a cloud computer.

  • Windows Agent
  • Linux Agent
  • Recovery Point Server (RPS)
  • UDP Management Server & Console

* No Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) on the cloud is supported

Notes for Arcserve UDP agent for Windows and Linux working on a cloud computer:

  • All OS/Applications supported by physical machine will also be supported as Virtual Machine, as long as the cloud vendor supports it.
  • Arcserve UDP Server, Console, Agent and Recovery Point Server (RPS) can reside on Cloud computers with below notes:
    1. Allow firewall exceptions for TCP ports 135 , 445 ,8014 , 8015
    2. UAC needs to be disabled for the nodes to be added in the UDP console

Exceptions for VMware vCloud Air:

  • Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) on vCloud Air is supported.

Exceptions for FUJITSU Cloud Service K5:

  • Linux Agent is not supported
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