arcserve-KB : Procedure to backup "Windows Recovery Partition”

Last Update: 2016-11-23 11:46:03 UTC
Procedure to backup "Windows Recovery Partition”
Follow the below steps to restore EFI recovery partition: 

1.In order to restore the data into the recovery partition, mount the partition manually before running the backup job.

         Note: You need to mount this volume to an empty directory for DR to backup it with the command.

          Example - “mountvol C:\2012mount   \\?\Volume{<Volume ID>}\ “ 

         Verify if it is mounted by command “mountvol

         (To unmount it after   backup, use command 'mountvol   C:\2012mount   /D'    )

2.Select the following two global options as base:

  • Traverse Directory Junctions and Volume Mount Point
  • Backup Mount Points as part of the volume on which they are mounted

3.Add registry option DWORD 'EnableBackupVMPoints = 1' in reg node “ClientAgent/Parameters” on source machine.

4.Perform client agent backup, and select the whole source VM. The recovery partition is backed up with the three options displayed above.

5.Perform DR as normal.

Note: The recovery partition is not used in a normal bootup. It is only used if you press F8 when you bootup and boot into recovery mode.
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