arcserve-KB : Using check disk with RHA protected volumes

Last Update: 2016-02-17 15:12:05 UTC
Description:  If you are running a check disk (chkdsk) on a volume on the active host in which RHA is currently syncing/replicating from it is important to know if you use the /spotfix switch that check disk will quickly dismount then remount the drive before it checks it.  Any drive that RHA is syncing/replicating files from has our driver mounted to it, when check disk dismounts it our driver gets dismounted, when the drive is remounted our driver does not come back because it would need to be called again.  This means RHA will stop tracking sync or replication changes on that volume and it would not start again till you stop the scenario and restart sync.  

Here is an example of running check disk with the spotfix switch on the E drive:

Solution:  As a best practice it is recommended to stop any RHA scenarios that contain an active host in which you are running check disk on a drive RHA is syncing/replicating if you plan on using the /spotfix switch.  Once check disk is completed you can start the scenario again with block or file sync and now RHA should not have any issues with the driver dismounting. 
On a side note if you are running check disk on a volume on the inactive host although we don't have any driver loaded there we still can't have any changes to the files we are replicating there, if the check disk dismounts/remounts the drive there it could interupt RHA,  also if it has to move any data blocks due to disk issues it could move files RHA is trying to sync.  There for if you are running check disk on the inactive host for a volume RHA is protecting you may want to also stop the scenario first to be safe. 
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