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arcserve-KB : Arcserve Backup r17.0 General Availability Announcement

Last Update: 2017-02-08 03:40:12 UTC

To: Arcserve Customers 
From: The Arcserve Backup Product Team 
Subject: General Availability Announcement for Arcserve Backup r17.0
Date: February 3, 2016

On behalf of Arcserve, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated versions of our products. Today, we are pleased to announce that Arcserve Backup r17.0 is now available.

Arcserve Backup r17 is the latest release of this award-winning data protection solution, and delivers support for the most current Microsoft Windows 10 and VMware vSphere 6.0 operating system platforms. Additionally, Arcserve Backup r17 offers many new features for enhanced performance, unification and ease of use.

New features for Arcserve Backup r17.0 include:

Windows 10 Support

  • Arcserve Backup r17 Client Agent for Windows, Agent for Open Files and Agent for Virtual Machines now support backup of Windows 10
  • Agentless Backup for VMware now supports backup of Windows 10 virtual machines using vSphere 6.0
  • Arcserve Backup also protects virtual machines that have Windows 10 as the guest OS, as well as its files and directories

VMware vSphere 6.0 Support

  • Arcserve Backup r17 can now discover and protect virtual machines running on vSphere ESXi 6.0 U1 and vSphere vCenter Server 6.0 U1 servers
  • Arcserve Backup r17 ships VDDK 6.0.1 with every Agent for Virtual Machine installation, and this VDDK version adds support for new features of vSphere 6.0 such as Virtual Volumes and newer VM hardware versions
  • Arcserve Backup r17 supports vSphere versions 5.1 and above (VDDK 6.0.1)

Backup Full RPS Data to Tape

  • This new feature of Arcserve r17 allows users to copy the full de-duplicated/compressed RPS data stores to tape. Arcserve Backup Client Agent can take a consistent VSS snapshot of all volumes on an RPS server as well as take a consistent backup of data stores that span across multiple disks. In the event of a disaster or failure, you can quickly restore RPS Data Stores from tape.

LTO Ultrium 7 Tapes

  • Arcserve Backup r17 supports new LTO 7 tape drives (scheduled to be released in late 2015) and LTO7 tapes (scheduled to be released early in 2016). With an uncompressed storage capacity of 6.4TBs and a compressed capacity of up to 15TBs, LTO 7 tapes will have more than double the capacity of LTO 6 tapes. LTO 7 drives offer backward compatibility with LTO5 and LTO6 tapes, and LTO7 tapes will have the ability to be read by and written to by LTO 8 tape drives, and be able to be read by LTO 9 drives.

Enterprise Option for SAP HANA

  • New with Arcserve Backup r17 is the Enterprise Option for SAP HANA. SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise appliance, or in the cloud. At the core of this real-time data platform is the SAP HANA database which is fundamentally different than any other database engine in the market today. The new Enterprise Option for SAP HANA provides backup and recovery of complete SAP HANA databases. The Enterprise Option for SAP HANA includes the SAP HANA Backup Agent which serves as the interface to communicate information between Arcserve Backup and SAP HANA. The SAP HANA Backup Agent allows you to specify different destination tapes for each day of the week in single stream mode, or specify media pools. Using the enhanced destination options, you can better organize your backup tapes.

Enhanced Unification and Ease of Use

  • For enhanced unification and ease of use, Arcserve Backup r17 delivers a new Unified Tape Management module and a new Unified Product Installer. With the Unified Tape Management module, you can perform day-to-day tape backup activities, such as scheduling and monitoring UDP recovery point migrations to tape from within the UDP console. With the Unified Product Installer, simply click the product features and capabilities, and download all of the products you desire in a single installation process.

Additional New Features and Support

  • Arcserve Backup r17 ships with JRE 1.8. JRE 1.8 is a critical Java upgrade which includes several security and bug fixes. JRE 1.8 offers enhanced stability and security.
  • Arcserve Backup r17 provides database level backup and restore of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. It delivers support for DAGs and it uses the standalone Exchange GRT Utility to restore individual items.
  • Arcserve Backup r17 supports new Exchange Granular Restore Utility that enables the recovery of any Exchange object from an offline Exchange database or recovery point created by Arcserve, such as: mailboxes, folders, messages and file attachments, notes, contacts, tasks, appointments, and public folders with creation dates for all objects. The Exchange GRT Utility is complimentary, and available from Arcserve Support.
  • Arcserve Backup r17 supports NDMP backups of NetApp Data ONTAP 8.3 filers, including two-way and threeway NDMP for direct attach tape drives, and Filer-2-Server backups of NDMP volumes to a destination on backup server. It also supports NetApp clusters (c-mode).
  • The default database shipped with Arcserve Backup r17 is Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 SP1. Arcserve Backup and Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) now use the same Microsoft SQL Server Express version. Due to platform / compatibility requirements, the SQL Express of Arcserve Backup continues to be the 32bit version, while UDP uses the 64bit version. Those 2 instances can run side by side.

We encourage you to visit the Arcserve Backup r17.0 product information page for more information.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Arcserve Customer Care online and submit an online request. You can also call Arcserve Customer Care at +1-844-765-7043 in North America or see the Arcserve Toll Free Phone Numbers list for the local number in your country.

To connect, learn and share with other customers, join and participate in our Arcserve Global User Community. To review Arcserve support lifecycle policies, please review the Arcserve Support Policy.

Thank you again for your business.

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