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Last Update: 2017-11-09 16:03:23 UTC

Problem: Last Backup date is not updated on the Exchange server.


UDP Server :
Arcserve UDP 5.0 Update 4
Windows 2008 r2

Remote Exchange  machine details
windows 2008 r2
Exchange 2010
UDP agent 5.0 update 4


The backups for the exchange server are running fine for both the Incremental and Fulll backup

When running the third party tool to check the last full backup that was taken from the exchange server there is no information regarding the backup that was taken by the UDP agent


The reason is that UDP does not show the last backup time is because it does a copy snapshot backup which is equal to full backup. Although the time is not updated in Exchange server it still does the job of Log Truncation using the API call.

The following registry change has to be done on the exchange server which has the UDP agent installed

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CA\ARCserve Unified Data Protection\Engine\
Create a key called 'VSSWRAP'
Highlight 'VSSWRAP' key and on the right hand side pane, right click and select the option to create a
32bit DWORD.
DWORD Name: FullSnapshot
DWORD Data: 1

Save the registry key and restart the Arcserve UDP agent services, on the exchange machine.

After the full backup is completed when running the third party script this time it will list the last full backup details in the report
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    Tamas Jung

    Hi there,
    can you kindly update this KB article to UDP 6.5 please?