arcserve-KB : FAQ UDP 6.0 : When Does "copy to tape" task run?

Last Update: 2016-12-18 10:35:06 UTC
Applicable only for : UDP 6.0 


Copy to tape task run immediately after first node is backed up in the task one or does it run after all the Nodes are backed completely


In  a  plan if there are more than  one node selected for the backup and also has a second task created to perform Copy to Tape operation
in such scenario when does the copy to tape task run?

Copy to tape task runs once the first node backup is completed in the task 1 it does not wait for all the node backup to complete in task 1
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    Bharat Kotecha

    How does merge task work when 'copy to tape' task is scheduled, recovery point merge job will run each time after backup to disk or only after 'copy to tape' job is successfully completed ?