arcserve-KB : Arcserve RHA engine installation fails and rolls back the installation changes

Last Update: 2016-07-22 03:35:05 UTC

Description:  While user is trying to upgrade the existing RHA engine or install a new engine, the installation fail towards the end and indicates it's 'rolling back action' for the changes it made:

followed by the below window


1. For this problem, we identified an issue with certificate, fixed the problem and repackaged the RHA Install files.  Please download the new files from the below location and install RHA Engine from the below mentioned installation source.

Also note, if user already have the 16.5.5 Control Service/Manager installed, there is no need to reinstall Control Service from this download. The existing 16.5.5 Control Service installation will work.  

However, we might experience issues when we run remote install from this Control Service.   To avoid future remote install problems, please follow the below steps and replace the old engine executable with the new one.

   A. After the user download and unzip the install files from the new ISO / Zip file, mount the ISO (or unzip the zip file incase of .zip download), copy the 32 and 64 bit engine install executable files from the 'install' folder of the new ISO/Zip file.

  B.  Replace these files with the existing ones in the Control Service / Manager.   The RHA Engine files used for remote installation is located under 'C:\Program files(x86)\CA\ArcserveRHA\Manager\install'.  Delete the existing files from 'C:\Program files(x86)\CA\ArcserveRHA\Manager\install' and replace it with the files copied from the new ISO / Zip file.

2. Another option which may or may not be feasible in your environment is to temporarily change your system date to any date prior to 12/20/15.  You may want to contact your network admin/help desk to make sure temporarily changing the date is allowed.

The install will then complete and you can change the date back to the current date.

3. There is also another known issue with the engine install failing and rolling back the changes.  This is different from the above discussed problem and is related to the specific Windows host not having the latest root certificates.  It is discussed more in depth in

It is resolved by this small Microsoft fix:
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