arcserve-KB : UDP Virtual Standby: Difference between Powering On Standby directly from the Hypervisor or from the UDP Monitor Console

Last Update: 2016-11-23 16:25:56 UTC
What is the difference between Power On of a Standby VM

· Directly from the Hypervisor (VMware of Microsoft)

· Log in to the UDP Monitor Console


The Power On of a Standby VM can be done directly from the Hypervisor (VMware or MS Hyper-V)

Power On of Standby VM can also be done by logon to the Monitor Console (as seen in the screenshot below)

Once logged on, the Monitor console provides list of Standby VMs available (as in the screenshot below)

Highlighting on one of the Nodes, in this case “Windows 2012 DC”, it provides a list of available Recovery Point Snapshots from where the Standby VM can be powered on.

The UDP Monitor plays an important role, when “Automatically Start the Virtual Machine” option is selected from the Stand-in Settings (as seen in the screenshot below)

Automatic Power On option is only available for Virtual Standby Task configured for an Agent Based Plan.

This option is not available for Agentless (host-based) virtual machine nodes, Nodes replicated from a remote recovery point server, and Nodes imported from Arcserve High Availability.

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