arcserve-KB : Backup Media label not renamed in the job when set to overwrite the media.

Last Update: 2015-12-31 20:00:16 UTC

Error Message:

Arcserve backup job would not rename the Media when overwrite option is selected.


When a backup job is created with the selection in global option 'Overwrite same media or blank media', it would not rename the existing media label. It will keep the same old date and time stamp label on the media on every job you execute. The correct behaviour is to overwrite the media label with same date and time stamp when the job ran.
Arcserve Backup r16.5 SP1 (Build 7222) + RO70938 


This problem was fixed in published patch 'RO70938 - WIN-VARIOUS PROBLEMS WITH BACKUP AFTER 16.5 SP1'
However, to enable the fix on this scenario we have to create a registry key on Arcserve Backup Server.

- Open Registry Editor.
- Go to below registry path:

For x64:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ComputerAssociates\CA ARCServe Backup\Base\Task\Backup

For x86:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\CA ARCServe Backup\Base\Task\Backup

Create a new DWORD: UseBlankMediaName and set the DWORD Value to 1

- After making this change we need to restart the Arcserve services by running CSTOP.bat and CSTART.bat files from Arcserve home directory.

- Now try to run the backup job, it would format the media label with current date and time.

Note: If you do not have patch 'RO70938' installed on the backup server then download it from the below link:
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