arcserve-KB : How to Limit the Quantity of Concurrent Agentless Backups?

Last Update: 2016-11-23 11:48:49 UTC

We can define a limit to the quantity of Host-Based VM backup jobs that run concurrently. This capability lets you optimize the performance of the virtual machine proxy server in your backup environment. In environments that contain many virtual machines that are associated with a virtual machine proxy system, a high quantity of concurrent backups can have an adverse effect on network, ESXi/Hyper-V Host/Guest Virtual Machine resources and also may decrease backup performance.

Note: When the quantity of concurrent jobs exceeds the defined limit, the jobs that exceed the limit enter a job queue and would get executed once the other job completes.


We can define the limit at virtual machine proxy level and also at the RPS server destination datastore level. If the limit for concurrent backups defined at the proxy level exceeds the limit defined for the datastore then the value configured for Datastore takes precedence.

  • To define the limit of Concurrent Agentless Backups at virtual machine proxy level please follow the steps mentioned in the below section of the Solution Guide:  

  • To define the limit of Concurrent Agentless Backups at the RPS Server destination datastore level, Modify the RPS Datastore and change the value of 'Concurrent Active Nodes'

Changing the above value also effect other jobs which would be using the RPS Datastore, the value indicates the number of jobs that can concurrently run. If the running jobs meet the number, another job is placed in to the queue and job can only start when one of the running job completes. The completed job could mean a finished, canceled, or a failed job.
The number applies to the Job Types but not to the Server nodes. For example, number 5 indicates that five backup jobs are running. Any job coming after five backup jobs waits in the queue, but you can submit another job such as File System Catalog.
  • Limit to number only impacts the replication outbound job, not the replication inbound job.
  • Limit to number does not impact the Restore or BMR jobs. Such jobs are not placed in a queue.


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