arcserve-KB : P00000155 : 16.5 Sp1 : NETAPP NAS OnTap 8.3 support

Last Update: 2017-02-08 09:19:31 UTC

Problem Summary:

This patch supports NETAPP NAS ONTAP 8.3. User can run backup jobs either in Node-Scope or in Vserver-Scope.  

(1).  If NDMP server runs in Vserver-Scope mode, user needs to run ARCServe's NAS device configuration either using cluster name/IP or SVM name/IP;

(2). If NDMP server runs in Node-Scope mode, user needs to run ARCServe's NAS device configuration using node name/IP;

For NetApp 8.3, NAS Agent cannot be expanded beyond the volume level in the Arcserve Backup Manager because of which selection of file and folder level backups are not supported.
This is because of a known limitation with 8.3 from NetApp side.Even though backups are done at volume level user can still perform file and folder level restores from the Restore manager.
Arcserve sends a NDMP command “SNAP_DIR_LIST” to NDMP server to get a list of files and directories in a volume. The command “SNAP_DIR_LIST” is not supported by NDMP server for NETAPP 8.3 release.
Please refer to NetAPP 8.3 release notes or contact NETAPP support for details. We are actively working with NetApp to get this issue resolved.

Products Affected:

Arcserve Backup . Affected release :16.5.1;

Product Installation Instructions:

1. This fix requires ARCServe Backup 16.5 sp1 and RO70938 to be installed;

2. Unzip

3. Launch P00000155.exe

Related Fix List:
Fix (P00000155 for product: Arcserve Backup release: 16.5.1) is available please download

Click here to download this patch.

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