arcserve-KB : UDP Agentless VMware: How to check from the log for VMware Transport Method

Last Update: 2015-12-31 20:48:44 UTC
How to check the Transport Mode being used for UDP Agentless for VMware


UDP 5.0 Update 4
Agentless Plan configured for VMware VSphere environment


SAN Environment is configured for the VMware environment.

The backups are running slow and need to check the Advanced Transport mode being used for the backups.

Analysis/ Resolution:

Get the HBBU## Log from the Agentless Proxy Node. It will be located in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\CA\arcserve Unified Data Protection\Engine

From the log, provided is a snipped to check the Transport Mode being used.


[2015/07/11 09:49:24:475   02  09920  06088] Used transport mode for disk [iSCSI-VMFS] Windows-Guest/Windows-Guest-000002.vmdk is nbdssl.   
[2015/07/11 09:49:24:475   00  09920   06088] Transport Used for disk [iSCSI-VMFS] Windows-Guest/Windows-Guest-000002.vmdk is: nbdssl  
It is found that nbdssl was being used.

On further checking it was found that the Datastore was in a DMZ  which caused the ndbssl mode to be used.

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